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Why We Love Natural Deodorant
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Why We Love Natural Deodorant

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A Case for Natural Deodorant 

Sweating is normal, otherwise we wouldn’t do it right? It’s unfortunate for a grey t-shirt and it’s not fun to stink. I get it. But there are several natural deodorant brands out there that actually work. When I say deodorant I’m talking about products that deodorize, not that prevent sweat — those are antiperspirants. I think that the words “deodorant” and “antiperspirant” are use used interchangeably, but that are very different. 

My take is this. Most deodorants? Good. Most anti-perspirants? Do your research. I just like to question anything that is fighting nature, ya know?

Sweating is natural. Its purpose is to cool us down and eliminate toxins, plus our armpits, where we slather on the deodorants and antiperspirants is right where between 15-40 lymph nodes live. 

The lymph nodes under our armpits are called the axillary lymph nodes and they “are responsible for receiving lymphatic fluid from the front and back of your torso as well as from the breast tissue.” (Gainsley p. 252) “Your lymph nodes are where bacteria and viruses meet up with immune cells so that your body can mount a critical immune response.”(Gainsley p. 10) They clean lymphatic fluid then the clean fluid reenters the blood stream. 

I don’t want to do anything to back those babies up or give them more to filter, and while research has kind of been all over the place proving if the aluminum in anti-perspirants is harmful or linked to Alzheimers and breast cancer, it’s one of those things I think you have to decide for yourself.

Luckily, with temperature starting to drop across North America, I think now is a perfect time to either switch to a natural deodorant, or at least take an antiperspirant cleanse. Here are some products on the market that I have personally tried that I think do a great job. 

First, a tip. I would start with a natural deo that exclude baking soda from the ingredient list. I have seen some gnarly rashes from first time converters over to deodorant. Luckily these more sensitive version exist!

    1. Native

      This is actually the first brand I switched over to. I love the different scents they offer, and they have both sensitive formulas and regular. Their mission is to empower people to use cleaner personal care products, and we love that! Plus, they offer a subscription, so you won’t run out and it’s one less thing to worry about!
  1. Salt & Stone

    This one is my current favorite brand. I am OBSESSED with the Santal scent. It’s like this warm, earthy, gender-neutral, intoxicating smell! This scent currently does not come in a baking soda-free version, but if that isn’t an issue for you I highly recommend it! Luckily they do have delicious smelling baking soda-free versions (just search for their Formula No. 2).

    They use hyaluronic acid and shea butter to keep things moisturized, which is maybe why I have never had issues with a rash, and probiotics to keep the good bacteria (our microbiome) happy and neutralizes odors for 48 hours. After all, it’s not the sweat that stinks it’s the by-product of bacteria breaking it down. Probiotics help with that!

  2. Nécessaire

    The Deodorant by Nécessaire is chic looking on your bathroom vanity, smells like a spa, and effective. Also, bonus is that they tackle more than just deodorizing odor, they target uneven texture, uneven tone, crepiness, keratosis pilaris, and underarm discoloration. Very efficient! Oh and since I have mentioned baking soda so much before, all of the deodorants by Nécessaire are baking-soda free so you’re all set if you are a newbie or veteran to natural deodorant!
    Lastly, we love this brand because they are extremely conscious of their impact on the environment like being Climate Neutral Certified, using FSC-Certified paper, and giving back to non-profits who are fighting for the health of our planet. 


I hope one of these brands offers something for you to use some products that have safer and cleaner ingredients. Again, do your research and choose what is best for you and your body. After all, turning these routines into rituals just means adding some intentionality and mindfulness to them. All we can do is our best, and if natural deodorant isn’t for you, that’s ok too! 



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Photos from brand websites:

Nécessaire photo courtesy of Mathilde Langevin