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Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm



We are a wellness company rooted in our effort to leave people, places and things better than we find them. We think that small changes have a big impact so we start with one thing a day to be better. We are patient and gentle with ourselves and others, and are always learning and growing. We seek to not only experience the feeling of good health daily but to experience the feeling of joy daily. We also know and practice the notion that we are all in this together.



Hi! I’m Tyler the founder of RELYT. Thank you so much for finding us! I am so honored to join you on your wellness journey.

 I founded this company when my life as a fight attendant was taking its toll on me. Constant jet-lag, erratic sleep, stress, and less-than nourishing airplane food left me feeling terrible. My skin was dull and prone to acne. My digestion was slow and I was bloated all the time. My energy levels were low and my anxiety was high. This didn’t feel like anyway to live. So, I started self-teaching myself holistic methods to improve my health, then later I became an herbalist. 

During my studies of different ancient healing modalities like TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine,) Ayurveda, and Western Herbalism, I formulated products that helped me with the issues I was struggling with. Of course this was paired with mindful lifestyle shifts. After seeing how my life changed, I wanted to empower others to be an active member in her/his health and wellness journey. 

Now, cut to the launch of RELYT. Rooted in the study of Herbalism and the phytochemistry of plant medicine, I wanted to feature products that were as effective as they were efficient, especially with today’s busy + modern lifestyles. I carry amazing brands that I trust and love, alongside my own line of products. I hope to help you relight balance, vibrancy and wellness from within. I hope to bring you whatever you were lacking in your wellness regime, and I pledge to work along with you if I don’t have what you are looking for.

I will also be offering consultations so we can get down to the root of your issues, plus you can learn more by following us on instagram or tuning into our podcast - RELYT Wellness Podcast. 

Sending you love and light,